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Customized solutions for your business and residential waste needs.

Ascent Recycling and Consulting, LLC facilitates the seamless transfer of goods between recyclers and end users. The number one goal of any good recycler is to protect our planet’s natural resources. Ascent takes that goal one step further by minimizing the impact of the transport of these goods. By finding the closest and most cost effective end user for each recycled commodity, clients save money and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Ascent is the fastest growing independent recycling company  in south Texas. With over fifty years of combined experience in the recycling industry, the Ascent team also strives to reduce clients’ carbon footprints by providing local grinding  alternatives  for recycled plastics in the area.  Through a vast network of contacts, they are able to move commodities quickly, efficiently, at a moment’s notice.

Turning Waste Into Value

Turning Waste Into Value

From paper to steel to electronics, we turn recycled product into new product.

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We tailor our recycling services to fit your business’ needs.

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