About Ascent

Protecting Our Natural Resources

teamZach Walter started Ascent Recycling and Consulting, LLC with $20 and a dream of creating jobs through post-consumer recycling.  He now facilitate the seamless transfer of goods between manufacturers, recyclers and end users. The number one goal of any good recycler is to protect our planet’s natural resources. Ascent takes that goal one step further by minimizing the impacts associated with the transport and sale of these goods. Ascent’s goal is to facilitate 100% landfill diversion.  Zach is able to do this by finding the closest and most cost effective end user for recyclable commodities.  As a result Ascent’s clients: 1) reduce costs, 2) generate new profit streams,  3) save time and energy, and  4) minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Ascent Recycling Facilites

Ascent Recycling Facilities

Ascent is a locally owned and operated company based in San Antonio, TX. Through a vast network of contacts, they are able to move commodities quickly, efficiently, at a moment’s notice, and throughout the world. Their current facility served as a landfill in San Antonio until the 1960s and after being “recycled” itself, the property has now come full circle and helps eliminate unnecessary waste through recycling.  To find out more about how you can start working with Ascent, call 210.643.5100, visit the facility at 3410 N. Pan Am Expressway, San Antonio, TX 78219 or email us at: info@ascentrecycling.com.

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